Monday, June 4, 2012

Farewell to Arman

Arman has finished his time in Georgia and left on Thursday for Kazakhstan.
We had a farewell party for him at the Teen Challenge Centre and gave him a gift. The gift will remind him of his time in Georgia every time he looks at it. That is a clue to what we gave him. If you look at the photos you will know for certain what the gift was.
The guys all gave their testimonies of what a blessing Arman was to them and how he helped them in different ways. They will all miss him, but are thrilled that he can now be with his relatives and start his new life - all the best to you Arman and may you be richly blessed by God in all that your hand finds to do.

Shashlik being cooked

Arman with friends

Ardil giving Arman his present

Arman with his present

Arman and Ardil

Sharing his testimony

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the present time, due to the current incomplete construction of the building, Teen Challenge Georgia is able to be of assistance to only a small number of new residents in the program. With the help of donations we will be able to provide facilities that can cater for many more of those who desperately need help to overcome their addiction. If 1,000 people were to give $200 each, together with the money that has already been raised, the facility would be completed and many more residents could come into the program. I have added a video below of the building as it now stands. Please pray and seek God on behalf of this worthy need.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the beginning

Dear Friends,
It has been 2 years since we left our home in Kazakhstan and came to this beautiful country of Georgia to establish a Teen Challenge center. These were wonderful and difficult days all at the same time, but we are very thankful to God for the privilege to be here, to know such great people, and to be a part of the great team. We also thank Doug and Anna Boyle, who are the founders of Teen Challenge Kazakhstan and Teen Challenge Georgia for the opportunity to work with them here. With the help of many people from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Australia and other countries we made it happen. Teen Challenge Georgia has been in existence for 2 years now, and about 20 addicted people from Georgia and Azerbaijan have passed through the program during this period. We have 3 graduates, 2 of them stayed to serve others with the same problems. This is really something to thank God for.

How we began
The first Teen Challenge center was founded in 1958 in New York. Today the centers number more than 1000 in 90 countries of the world. The largest Teen Challenge Center in the former Soviet Union is located in Kazakhstan which has been effectively working since 1995. Georgia Teen Challenge was founded in June 2010 by Doug and Anna Boyle who came with Berik, Arman and Kuanysh (graduates of Teen Challenge Kazakhstan), Saule (Berik’s wife) and Peter and Jan from Australia.

Why we exist
Teen Challenge exists to provide Biblical solutions for individuals with life-controlling issues through residential care. We believe that every person has value. Life-controlling issues are not permanent and can be changed. We are the proof of that. If it helped us it could help you.
“My name is Berik. I am 37 years old and deeply aware of what it is to be addicted. Using drugs, stealing and robbing were my life style since the age of 14. After 2 years of being in prison at the age of 21 and very disappointed in life I continued to use drugs and wanted to kill myself because I didn’t see the way out. My life was completely destroyed, no hope, no dream, no future. In 1998 I came to Teen Challenge Kazakhstan where I got freedom from addiction. Since that time I committed my life to help others with the same life controlling issues just as I was once helped and that is why I stayed in Teen Challenge as a worker. Today I enjoy living free from addiction for more than 13 years. I married a beautiful wife and we had 2 sons. I thank God for the Teen Challenge ministry and for all the people who helped me”.

How do we help
We offer a residential drug free, therapeutic community for those wanting to overcome tobacco, alcohol and drug addiction. We care for the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of the rehabilitants through personal and group studies (working on character qualities), personal counseling, English language courses, vocational training and sports activities.